The Hexagon Initiative is a collective of filmmakers and artisans working to create beautiful, story-driven cinematic content, across all disciplines within the industry.



Updates by Member:

The film and video industry is growing every day. More and more people graduate into film production each year, but without the proper resources to find guidance, mentorship and camaraderie, it can be a tough industry not only to break into, but to find a home in.

We started The Hexagon Initiative to address those issues, to give people within the industry a network of likeminded and highly talented creative peers to rely on, to work amongst, and to grow with.

So what in the hell does that actually mean we do?

1) We provide exposure for our members on our online platforms, showcasing their work and success. 

2) We set up monthly get togethers and happy hours for members to touch base in person, kick back, relax, and have fun.

3) We host a private online platform for discussion between members looking for assistance, support, and advice from one another.

4) Through our commercial arm, Hexagon Studio, we provide production support to all of our members, including production insurance, billing and payment systems, and soon to come SAG coverage. The studio also draws on our member base to crew projects across the country.

Is that all?  Well, for now, yes. But we have big plans for the future. Building sized plans. More on that, in a bit.

For now, thanks for dropping by and checking us out, and we'd love to chat more if you're interested in joining us.