Evan Wolf Buxbaum takes on documentary

Coming off just under a year heading up video production for Vox Creative, Evan has accepted a job at redfitz Films as an Executive Producer. In the new role, he'll oversee and expand the ongoing development of a new slate of television, feature film, and commercial work. 

Redfitz is rooted in documentary production, with several features and series already in distribution, most notably the Webby Award winning show Conflict; recently launched on Netflix July 1st. The company is committed to exploring the human condition through personal stories from across the globe, shedding light on those in the dark, or as the company tagline puts it: Human stories for a small world.

At redfitz, Evan will be tasked with expanding development and pitching new concepts and shows to a wide variety of networks and funders. As he says "I'm incredibly excited about getting to work on projects that have a chance to make a difference and to possibly shed some light on the most serious and pressing issues in the world today. So often in film we find ourselves working on things we don't love or are not passionate about and life is too short for that. Very excited to be doing something that could have a real impact."