Tacos Tacos Tacos

Evan Wolf Buxbaum was recently tapped to direct and produce a six part branded series for Campbells entitled "The Source", traveling the world exploring the origin of 6 unique flavors in 6 very different places across the globe.

Mexican Beef Tacos Episode

The series spanned three continents, focusing on the origins of Chicken Pot Pie in Lancaster, PA, Hawaiian Pork in Honolulu, Tacos in Mexico City, Dry-rub ribs in Memphis, TN, and finally, Chicken curry in the hot house of the Bangkok, Thailand summer. The series is hosted by Camille Ford (grilling with Bobby, The Movie Loft) and will make you hungry. Probably very hungry.

More episodes and full writ-ups @ http://www.eater.com/sponsored/11134856/tracing-the-spicy-history-of-thai-green-curry