Matthew Smaglik

Matthew Smaglik, the former creative director and producer for Sundance award winning Dogfish Pictures (Like Crazy, Prince Avalanche and Compliance), now produces independently. His experience ranges from producing feature films to creative for media giants like BBDO, AMC, and VICE. His passion for the cutting edge led to experimenting in VR and new media with Massachusetts General Hospital. Matthew is focused on emerging talents, taking advantage of the changing landscape, and building partnerships to create content with both impact and value.

With Dogfish, Matthew co-produced the sci-fi feature Diverge, which won the U.S. In Progress Paris 2015 prize and was selected for the Fantasia Frontières Work In Progress program. Last summer Matthew produced the feature Florence, Yesterday starring Daisy Bevan in Italy and David Bly’s Sweet Parents in NYC. He was selected as an IFP Emerging Storyteller for producing Little Africa at Film Week in 2015, attended the Cannes’ Producers Network in 2016, was selected for the Frontières International Co-Production Market 2016 and is participating in the Erich Pommer Institute / Strategic Partner’s Trans Atlantic Partners this year. He is currently in development on select feature films and series while working on Nathan Silver's Thirst Street.