Mike Debbie


Mike Debbie, born and bred in the great state of New Jersey, is a filmmaker specializing in editing and cinematography.

He spent four years as the in-house documentarian for the New York Football Giants, which included their run-up-to, and improbable win over the undefeated New England Patriots in Superbowl 42. 

Mike went on to shoot and edit numerous commercial and branded campaigns for the boutique production company Optic Nerve in Red Hook Brooklyn. While there he served as associate editor on visionary director Godfrey Reggio’s feature film ‘Visitors’ which premiered at Toronto Film Festival to a live orchestra scored by Philip Glass.

Mike is currently a senior editor at Vice Media, and freelancer for Conde Nast, J.Walter Thompson, and TPG when he’s not building his fledgling career as a folk guitarist and electronic music producer.