A member of The Hexagon Initiative has cordially invited you to join us.

This means you're not only a highly talented and driven member of the industry, but people love working with you. That, perhaps more than anything else, is what makes you a great fit for our growing community.

Welcome aboard!

As a new member, there are three things that will get you started right away.

First off, add our brand bumper to your personal website and make it a clickable link to www.thehexagoninitiative.com.
It can be anywhere, but most people place it in the footer. This will be your badge of involvement - it's our universal stamp of quality and community. 
Usable art files can be found here .

2Artboard 1.png

Jump into our community-only Slack channel. By now, you should have received a seperate invite directly from slack. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, don’t fret. It’s super intuitive and has a clean interface. On the left hand side, you will find all of the individual channels; jump in, say hi, and don’t be shy to ask for any help right away! 

Write here...

To get you listed on our site as a full fledged member, send a high resolution photo and simple bio (think a few short paragraphs, nothing crazy) to our perpetually interim resident webmaster Evan (evan@thehexagoninitiative.com).

4Artboard 1.png

Finally - be present and be vocal! We are all in this community for exactly that reason - to build a community. There will be monthly events, as casual as happy hours and as formal as discussion panels. There will be parties. There may be jobs, TV shows, films. Oscars? Who knows.
The adventure is the beauty of this industry and we're very happy to have you along for the ride. 

Let the rising tide raise all ships.