Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'd like to join, but I don't know any current members - how can I make it happen?
A: As of now, membership applications are accepted by invitation from a current member referral only. This will be changing in the future though, so sign up now for updates and to be in the first wave of people notified when it does!

Q: How much does membership cost?
A: For those joining at this early stage, membership is completely free!

Q: I have a job, can I be a part of The Hexagon Initiative?
A: Absolutely! The Hexagon Initiative will not in any way compete or conflict with either your full time or freelance job. It is a support, community, and networking group for professionals across all disciplines in the film, video, and television industries. So long as you are contributing to the group, are active on the message boards, and are coming to get togethers whenever you can - it's all fair game!  

Q: What do I have to do as a member?
A: It's pretty simple - just be an active part of our community. That, and add a small icon on your personal or business website with a link back to this site. And that - is it!

Q: Where is this message and support board where members talk to one another?
A: Once you are a member, you will be invited to it! It is not publicly accessible.

Q: Who came up with this idea, and who runs it?
A: The Hexagon Initiative was founded by a group of friends looking to create an inclusive, supportive place for people from all walks of the film world to belong to, and to feel at home within. It is run by that same group. It will launch publicly in January, 2017.