The Day After

The Day After is a documentary short film made by Hexagon Initiative members in the 24-hour period following the 2016 presidential election, with individual submissions from across the country waking up to a Donald Trump presidency. 

"Waking up on November 9th, I felt completely numb," Evan Buxbaum recalls. "And then I thought - I need to do something, to express this feeling, but also to draw everyone together who feels the way I do right now."

Evan and Dan Melius spent the day reaching out to friends to see if anyone would be interested in sharing how they felt, filming themselves and sending it in. From just a few emails, the submissions started pouring in, and by nightfall, Evan and Dan had over 40 submissions to work with. They spent the next day and well into the night cutting The Day After, releasing it the Friday after the election. As of the following day, more than 1500 people had watched it.

"The goal, was honestly to create something that would help bring people together, to express to everyone, on both sides of the aisle, that we are all in this together, and to express to the winning party, the feelings currently running deep on the other side."

The video is a testament to what can be accomplished working together, sharing our emotions and fears, and to the passion of so many people across the country to do so in the moments following the election results. The piece also marks the first video posted to our newly launched Hexagon Studio Vimeo page. Many more to come as we grow.