Around the World with Campbell's

Earlier this year, Hexagon co-founder Evan Wolf Buxbaum took on a job in partnership with and Campbell's to travel the world exploring the birthplace of 6 iconic, global, flavors. The goal was simple, to wade into the world of each dish, and to find the best and most authentic version of each that we could!

Along with the skeleton cast and crew of DP Drew Mylrea and host Camille Ford, the three of them set off - and what an adventure it was. From cliff jumping in Hawaii, getting lost on Mexican backroads, to dawn Thai Markets and a 24 hour adrenaline fueled race through Tokyo, it was "one of the most unique and incredible shooting experiences any of us had ever had." Evan went on to add "And wow, we really ate.  So much, and so delicious. Some of the best food I have ever eaten."

Below are a few examples of how fun branded content can be to make, and how that excitement and adventure can translate to meaningful and cinematic videos that shine with the exuberance of the journey.