Dan Melius


Dan likes to make things. Lots of things. All SORTS of things!  With over 10 years of experience in the post-production industry, he's been able to do just that in many different facets of the industry, making films, industrials, shorts and everything in between.

Through his work in the various fields of visual effects, motion graphics, editing, sound post and producing, Dan has had the pleasure to work with such  a range of clientele such as Google, Diageo, Nike,  Intel, Microsoft, Barely Political, YouTube, Starwood Hotels, Pepsi, Snuggle and many others; but all his work isn’t just branded commercial content! He’s also worked on music videos, short films, VFX for film and TV, and all sorts of other random projects, including some super large but really fun animated projection maps!

Outside of the production world, Dan’s love of and background in music has led him on many adventures: he toured the world with a folk rock band playing trumpet and mandolin, does numerous recording projects around the country, sings with the Manhattan Choral Ensemble in New York City and also plays in a number of bands in and around the NYC and Philadelphia metro areas.