Christopher Velona

Chris Velona is an Award winning Los Angeles based Cinematographer & Director who has navigated the globe through the viewfinder of his camera: Japan, India, China, Samoa, Europe & South America have all been frequented during his travels.

The dream of movie making began as a childhood fascination and his work ethic, talent & devotion made it into a reality. Chris’s career has been built on a diverse portfolio of work and by word of mouth, he garnered clientele that would trust his creative judgment on projects all around the world. Chris also has extensive documentary filmmaking experience who is most notably known for DP’ing Viceland’s “Huang’s World” series, A$AP Rocky’s feature doc “SVDDXNLY” & Aubrey Plaza’s documentary, “Pistol Shrimps.”

Chris’s work as a Director & DOP has spread across the spectrum of the media business from directing/DP’ing 3 Post Malone music videos, directing a Cover Girl international campaign, to producing commercials for conglomerates like Goldman Sach’s worldwide charity foundations.