Hannelore Gomes

Hannelore (Williams) Gomes is an engaged citizen who cares passionately about human rights. As a filmmaker she seeks ways of talking about social issues in relatable and magnetic ways. She earned her BFA in Film & Television at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Based in New York City, she has created many webseries. Including “Dirty 30”, a docu-series about HIV and AIDS 30 years after the virus’s discovery. Dirty 30 was filmed in Paris, Johannesburg, Cape Town, New York City, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Dallas, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge.

Hannelore also created “LoveStruck,” where she interviews both survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence, intimately exploring the personal toll of the epidemic. Her other webseries include the comedies, “Queen Hussy” and “The Tutorialists”.

As an actor Hannelore guest starred on FX’s “Louie”, CBS’s “Blue Bloods”, and had a recurring role on ABC’s “One Life To Live”. She nerds out all day every day editing Linear content and Virtual Reality. She fancies her editing style as ranging from the rawest real to the magically unreal.