Evan Wolf Buxbaum

Evan Wolf Buxbaum grew up in New York City and has been making movies since he was strong enough to pick up his parents' Hi8 camera. His films screened at numerous festivals across the country while his first narrative feature, Sun Belt Express, a dark comedy set along the border between Arizona and Mexico starring Tate Donovan, Stephen Lang, Rachel Harris, and Ana de la Reguera, was recently acquired by Mar Vista Entertainment after playing at 20 US and international festivals. It was released in late 2015.

Evan most recently executive produced two more features Band of Robbers, which was released theatrically by Gravitas Ventures in Partnership with Netflix and the upcoming CRABS!, which was acquired by Raven Banner in early 2016 and is currently in post.

As a commercial director and producer, Evan has worked on numerous projects for a broad range of clients from Johnnie Walker, to Nike, General Motors, Campbell's, Dodge, Toyota, Applebees, Google, NFLShop, and many more. Evan currently works as an executive producer at redfitz films, a cinematic documentary company that just won the 2016 Webby for Best Narrative Series of the year for the serialized show Conflict. The show follows conflict photographers as they travel the world, bringing light to the shadows of some of the most violent and troubled places on earth.    

He has also worked as a travel and adventure photographer in more than 40 countries, skis, surfs, and is generally up for anything in the great outdoors.