Ryan Beickert



A graduate of the School of Visual Arts, Ryan started his career as an editor, working for clients such as BBC, A&E, Food Network, Google, and Fuse. He slowly transitioned from being an editor to being a producer/director after realizing it was a lot easier to fix it in pre-production and production than post. Ryan combines his specialty in post-production with a thorough understanding of producing and directing, resulting in creative that understands the full picture.

Using this expertise, Ryan built and ran the video department for the experiential agency MKTG for over six years. While running this department Ryan acquired his Masters in Branding through the graduate program at School of Visual Arts, graduating with honors. The Masters in Branding program led by the amazingly talented Debbie Millman an American writer, educator, artist, and designer who is perhaps best known as the host of the Design Observer podcast "Design Matters." The study of branding is expanding the role of storytelling and entertainment within the industry. He combined his background in film and storytelling with his education and experience in marketing and branding to push the industry of branded content.

In his next role, he built the branded content studio Vantage at Mic, helping to create an award-winning and acclaimed studio within the industry. Simultaneously Ryan founded this discerning community of award-winning filmmakers and creatives called The Hexagon Initiative, in addition to going back to his alma mater to assist in teaching Business Strategy and Brand Strategy and developing a course on Branded Content. His passion for bridging the gap between creative and brand is what makes the foundation for his teaching and speaking engagements. Giving talks to both creatives and business professionals on the best process for creative collaboration with clients and how to use the strength of the brand's character to their advantage when creating stories. Ryan has presented for large groups in workshops, panels, and events.

Currently, he is excited to explore his new opportunity at Turner's branded content studio Courageous, to help keep pushing the creative storytelling abilities of brands with network partners like CNN, HLN, and Great Big Story.